DehengParis Shi & Chen was created in 1994 by SHI Renlin and CHEN Hongwu who are both qualified lawyers in the Paris Appeal Court.

DehengParis is one of the associate offices of Deheng Law Offices, a leading law firm which exists since 1993 and has offices in the major cities around the world.

Since more than 20 year, Deheng adhere to the tenet of diligence and dedication, dedication and service, adhering to the philosophy of “not seeking the most, but seeking the most refined and professional”, providing customers with comprehensive, professional and efficient legal services, and enjoying a high reputation in the judicial and business circles in France and China.

Our Avantage

A bicultural professional lawyer team
Deheng Shi & Chen Associés (“Deheng Paris”) is an united office leading by Chinese lawyers and taking French lawyer as main body.

Deheng Shi & Chen Associés (“Deheng Paris”) is an united office leading by Chinese lawyers and taking French lawyer as main body.

Its founders, M. SHI and M.CHEN are both attorneys at the Paris Court of Appeal, expertise in Chinese and French laws, and are able to work in three languages (Chinese, English and French).

Other lawyers are all graduated from famous French universities, acquired a specialty certificate, with more than 10 years of work experience.

Providing global legal advices
Relying on a more than 20 years experience of business in France, Deheng possesses an extensive social network in France and even in Europe...

Relying on a more than 20 years experience of business in France, Deheng possesses an extensive social network in France and even in Europe, it has established a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with many internationally famous accountant firms, notaries and financial institutions, in order to provide one-stop professional legal services for clients.

Furthermore, as one of the associate offices of Deheng Law Firm, Deheng Paris has been supported by the Deheng law office Network, spreading all over Pacific Asia, USA and Europe. As a result, it can not only provide its services for Asian clients wishing to invest in France and Europe, but also for European clients who wish to invest in Asia.

Rich experiences of success
The major clientele of Deheng Paris is local companies and trade costumers of global investments, Deheng has obtained an excellent result in helping Chinese companies to invest in France and Europe, in asset acquisitions, in enterprises’ mergers and acquisition and so on.

The major clientele of Deheng Paris is local companies and trade costumers of global investments, Deheng has obtained an excellent result in helping Chinese companies to invest in France and Europe, in asset acquisitions, in enterprises’ mergers and acquisition and so on. Deheng becomes a long-term legal advisor of many Chinese state-owned enterprises, private enterprises, and renowned people for their investment projects (for example industries, businesses, wine estates and hospitality industry) in Europe.

Deheng Paris has accumulated a wealth of experience in international lawsuits as well, dealing with litigation and arbitration concerning international investment and trade between China and Europe, as well as the enforcement of foreign arbitration in Europe.

Since 2004, Deheng Shi & Chen Associés has been appointed as the official general legal adviser of Chinese Embassy in France, helping Chinese government. It has assisted the Chinese government in successfully completing the landing of the relevant real estate projects of the consulate department of the Chinese Embassy, the relevant affairs of real estate of Chinese Embassy of Lyon, and the legal affairs of the real estate renovation of the Education Department of Chinese Embassy and so one, such as the trademark dispute over the ownership of Tuocha in China and Pierre Cardin arbitration, etc.

For public interest litigation, Deheng has participated actively also the case of auction in Paris of animal heads which were captured in Yuanmingyuan.

In addition, Paris Deheng committees himself to the judicial communication between Chinese government and the European’s, for more than ten years, Deheng has participated in the cooperation between the Supreme People’s Procuratorate and Senior Procuratorate of Paris, as well as Procuratorate of Lyon.

Profile of team members

SHI Renlin

The attorney

  • Founder of Deheng-Shi & Chen associé’s Paris office, attorney of the Paris Appeal Court, Vice President of the Association Chinese Lawyers and Jurisconsults in France, member of legal advisory council of Abroad Return Chinese Federation. Graduated with a master of international business law and a master of international public law from Dijon law university. Worked for Coudert Brothers LLP and others French lawyer’s offices, and he is one of the earliest Chinese practicing lawyers of the bar association in Paris. And was appointed to be the legal counsel of Chinese Embassy in France, the honorary professor for Beijing Normal University, Wuhan University and Lanzhou University, and as well as the chief editor of The European economy and law review, a journal sponsored by Chinese Committee of Law and Economic Affairs.
  • In 2001, appointed by the Chinese Supreme People’s Procuratorate, as the stringer of the Foreign Legal information, and took part several times in organization of judicial cooperation between Chinese Supreme People Procuratorate, local People’s Court in China’s and Paris’ Appeal Court Public prosecutor’s department, Lyon’s Appeal Court Public prosecutor’s department. And was asked to participate in composing and reviewing the book titled how to enter French market ?
  • Practices : expertise in French law, Chinese law and European Union law, international investment, international taxation, international trade, international engineering projects; commercial contract, company reorganization, merger and target acquisition; real estate transfer, exploitation and management of real estate; intellectual property’s protection and transfer; legal affairs in the field of finance, bank and insurance. Is the legal counsel of several renowned companies, and participated actively in trade and investment negotiations between French companies and Chinese companies. At the same time, helped many Chinese companies to invest in France
  • Working language : Chinese, French, English

CHEN Hongwu

The attorney

  • Partner of Deheng Shi & Chen Associés’ Paris office, reputed lawyer in China, attorney of Paris Appeal Court, mediator for Beijing Mediation Committee, executive member of the council in Chinese law enforcement Society, Legal advisor of European Union Law. Graduated with a bachelor of literature from Beijing Foreign Studies University, a master of Private International Law from China University of Political Science and Law, and a doctor of Private International Law from Pantheon-Sorbonne University. He worked for Freshfields (Paris) for several years. And he provides legal affair services on the topic of international investment for Chinese and French companies, including aircraft industry, equipment importation , healthcare, engineering abroad, BOT projects, telecommunications, invitation to tender and submission of tender, banking, insurance, etc. He was agent for several significant cases of international litigation and arbitration, such as the Maritime delimitation and Territorial Question between Qatar and Bahrain (Qatar V. Bahrain), he was the first Chinese lawyer to appear in the International Court of Justice, and participate in the case of second-hand equipment between China and America ( mentioned in the Cox report).
  • Practices : international investment and financing; firm reorganization, merger or target acquisition of companies, stock transfer, ownership design; protection of intellectual property; international trading and anti-dumping; legal practice in the field of finance or insurance, etc.
  • Writings : Legal application of international commercial contracts (in Chinese); Question concerning Private international law of foreigners in China (in French); The newest development of foreign businessmen’s investment in China (in English); The Law of Armed Conflict (translation); The Pandect of Private International Law (translation); Mergers and acquisitions of French companies (in Chinese and French); Mergers and acquisitions of Chinese international companies ( in Chinese).
  • Working language : Chinese, French, English

Philippe Fontana

The attorney

  • Doctorat of law, lawyer of the Paris Appeal Court, in practice for 15 years
  • Specialized area : criminal law, commercial law, representative for dealing with legal authorities
  • Work language : French, English, Spanish


The attorney

  • Doctorat of commercial law, lawyer of the Paris Appeal Court, in practice for 16 years
  • Specialized area : French commercial law, commercial dispute, bank law, real estate law, international contracts, international commercial law; trade laws, competitive law; domestic arbitration and international arbitration
  • Work language : French, English


The attorney

  • Master of commercial law in Pantheon-Sorbonne University lawyer of the Paris Appeal Court
  • Specialized area : litigation, French commercial law, real estate law, merger and acquisition.
  • Work language : French, English

Marine NOEL


  • Master of European and international law, master of procedural law
  • Specialized area : French commercial law, real estate law, corporate law, immigration law
  • Work language : French, English, German

JIN Fuhai


  • Master of commercial law of Pantheon-Assas University, Master of patrimonial law in Pantheon-Sorbonne University, master in civil and commercial law in Peking University.
  • Specialized area : French commercial law, real estate law, company law, investment and acquisition
  • Work language : Chinese, French, English



  • Master of international commercial law consulting and master of marketing
  • Specialized area : commercial and investment consulting, commercial
  • Work language : French, English, Mandarin (Chinese), Cantonese, Shanghainese

Deheng Shi & Chen Associés’ services

International commercial legal affairs :
International sale of goods, financing, projet contracting, technology transfer, international acquisition and mergers, international taxation, international arbitration and litigation, etc.
French companies and commercial legal affairs
Creation and registration of company; enterprise restructuring, capital increase, share expansion, corporate reorganization; equity transaction, financial status and tax of enterprises; corporate spin-off; dissolution, bankrupt, liquidation, auction of enterprise; disputes over contract; commercial litigation, arbitration, etc
Real estate legal affairs
Conveyancing, renting , mortgage; investment of real estate; real estate management, etc.
Financial and insurance legal affairs
Loans, financial lease, establishment of banks or financial institutions, financial guarantee, mortgage, pledge.
Intellectual property legal affairs
Trademark registration, objection, review; ownership of intellectual property, permission, transfer and protection; anti-unfair competition, franchise, etc.
Criminal law affairs
All types of economy criminal cases of enterprises, participate in preliminary hearing procedures, defender of felony and misdemeanor proceedings for criminal defendants.
Legal affairs concerning residence and entry and exit in France
Make a request of residence permit, assist companies with permit of residence of senior cadres, expatriate staffs and their family reunions.

Significant cases of Deheng Shi&Chen Associés

  • The arbitration of trademark damage compensation of famous trademark Pierre Cardin in International Chamber of Commerce in 2018.
  • Yantai Taihai Group in acquisition of Manoir Industries in France, England, America and India.
  • Assisting a Chinese company for the acquisition of the French and Gabonese Plysorol’s Group
  • Shanghai La Chapelle Co., Ltd. acquired the French group NAF NAF
  • Assisting a famous movie star and other investors for vineyard’s acquisition.
  • the prosecution in the case of former Beijing Summer Palace’s tin animal heads after their auction sale
  • Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co. Ltd in an exequatur case in Lyon
  • Assisting a Chinese company in the dispute for the French trademark ‘Yunnan Tuocha’
  • an exequatur case for Zhongyuan Company regarding economic and technological international cooperation

Deheng Shi&Chen Associé’s important clients

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